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WWE News: Naomi says she'll be back soon

When will the glow return to SmackDown Live!?

Naomi has been out of action due to an ankle injury

What’s the story?

SmackDown Live! women’s division has lost some of its glow for months now. Naomi has been on hiatus for over two months now and there is yet no word on her return to WWE anytime soon.

On January 11th, Naomi took to her Twitter page to soothe her fans who were worried about her status with the WWE. She provided an explanation-of-sorts to her fans regarding her absence. 

In case you didn’t know....

Naomi was one of the women who was drafted to SmackDown Live! after the WWE Draft. She was on WWE Programming for quite a few months after the draft and helped lay the foundation for the division’s reemergence on SmackDown. Her revamped gimmick has caught the eye of quite a few fans with its glow. 

It has been almost two months since Naomi was last seen by the WWE Universe on SmackDown Live! Naomi was last seen on WWE programming back in November. It was reported that she had suffered some ankle injury and is recuperating from it. 

The heart of the matter

Though it is yet unclear when Naomi will return to WWE programming, we might have an update on her return. According to Naomi, she had been taking some much needed time off from WWE.

While it is yet unclear as to nature of her hiatus, speculation suggests that these might concern some of the personal issues Naomi has, along with her already documented ankle injury.

What’s next?

When Naomi return to WWE it is expected that she will feud for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Naomi was on a roll before she went on a hiatus from the company. She was expected to feud with Becky Lynch, who was the champion at the time, but unfortunately, the ankle injury prevented her from doing so.

It is expected that Naomi might begin where she left off when she returns.

Sportskeeda’s take

SmackDown Live! women’s division is not a strong one by any means. Despite having only a handful of stars, the division has put forth a stellar storyline for each and every feud and is soon becoming a land of promises. We are eagerly waiting for the glow to return to SmackDown Live!

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