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WWE News: Terry Funk retires, update on his health

An update on the health status of one of wrestling's hardcore legends

Terry Funk may finally have called it a day

To say that Terry Funk had a legendary career would be a gross understatement. He is one of the ECW originals and his career has spanned for over 50 years. That’s right. Take a second to digest that – 50 plus years. The fact that he continued to wrestle even at the age of 72 surprised many people at how he could possibly have that much longevity with the type of style that he wrestled.

This past weekend, Terry Funk announced his retirement at the House Of Hardcore show. Funk had hernia surgery last week and was supposed to be at Tommy Dreamer’s corner, but his health seemed to have finally caught up to him, and that was when he decided to call it a day in his career. While many thought that things would wound up getting worse for Funk and he may be knocking on heaven’s door, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that while there was a major scare, Funk is fine now. 

"He had hernia surgery on Monday so that's essentially the gist of everything that happened. It's a pretty painful surgery especially when the anaesthetics and painkillers wear off, and he was in a lot of pain, and he wasn't supposed to go anywhere, he wasn't supposed to leave the house for two weeks, so of course, three days later, he got on a flight at 4AM to go from Amarillo(Texas) to New York to sign autographs on Friday night, and then he went to Philadelphia and he was up 24 straight hours and he's 72 years old, and he just had surgery, and if you think about it logically, it probably was not wise at all, but he didn't want to miss a booking for Tommy Dreamer, so that's what he did. 

And so he did the autograph show on Saturday Morning, and it was catching up to him, and on Saturday night, and he was supposed to be in Tommy Dreamer's corner against Matt Hardy with Senor Benjamin in his corner, and there were a whole bunch of guys who were going to do run-ins."

You can watch the clip of Terry Funk’s retirement speech in the House Of Hardcore 17 below:

Funk has had retirements before, but given that he is 72, it only seems logical that this time he is calling it a day for good.

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