WWE News: Update on Zack Ryder's injury status

Zack Ryder tragically blew out his knee winning a Battle Royal

What’s the story?

Zack Ryder posted an update on Twitter about his injury status.

In case you didn’t know...

Zack Ryder’s last appearance on WWE television was on the 13th December episode of SmackDown Live. He was a part of a tag team battle royal to determine the No. 1 contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

The sad part about the match is that The Hype Bros won, and Zack Ryder won it for his team, but he blew out his knee just as he won the battle royal, in the very last moment of the match.


Two weeks after his injury, American Alpha ended up winning the SmackDown Tag Team titles. One would wonder what could have been for The Hype Bros, as maybe they could have been the ones winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from the Wyatt family.

After the injury, his tag team partner Mojo Rawley has been getting a singles push, winning the 4th Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. There is no indication as to whether Ryder and Mojo will reunite once he returns.

The heart of the matter

Zack Ryder said that he was back in the ring training for his return

Zack Ryder lives in Orlando, so he surely visits the WWE Performance Center on almost a daily basis to recuperate and come back as soon as possible. What his position will be on the card upon return will be interesting to see.

During his rehab, he has been filming Z! True Comeback Story as part of WWE’s YouTube channel.

What’s next?

Long Island Iced-Z will be determined more than ever to come back to the ring and perform in front of the fans. If there’s anyone who has proven that he won’t give up no matter what, it’s Zack Ryder.

Author’s Take

Zack Ryder has shown persistence no matter how many times WWE has pulled the rug from underneath him. No matter what anyone says about him, he has had the fans behind him on multiple occasions, but WWE has never given him the ball to run with.

Ryder is a true underdog babyface, and if given the chance, he can definitely get the larger fan base behind him. It’s all up to what WWE decides to do with him. However, one thing is for sure, and that is his goal to become WWE champion someday.

Zack Ryder will definitely be a welcome return to the SmackDown Live roster.

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