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WWE News: Vader gives outstanding update on his health status

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This is good news for Vader

What's the story

Vader is a former WWE Superstar who spent an entire career surprising everyone of what he could do being a man his size. His agility and ability surpassed many smaller than him and he is a true legend. But sadly, reports were that he wasn't doing too well. Now thankfully, Vader has much better news to report.

In case you didn't know

It's been reported that Vader hasn't been doing too well, his heart has apparently started to give him problems and his doctors have told him he has less than two years to live.

When this sad news first broke it shocked the pro wrestling world and everyone wished him the best of luck and hoped for his recovery. It looks like all those well wishes might have paid off because apparently, Vader is doing much better.

Heart of the matter

One fan recently tweeted at The Mastodon concerning his health, he was obviously concerned but still wanted to pay homage to Vader's amazing legacy in sports entertainment.

We all loved watching you smash through everyone that got in the ring, Sir.

The Man They Call Vader saw this and felt the need to comment. He had great news as well when he said his doctors told him his heart keeps getting stronger. To top it off, he went on to mock the initial prognosis that he only had two years left to live.

What's next

Hopefully, Vader will keep getting better and his doctors will continue to give him good reports as he continues to get stronger.

Author's take

Vader was always one of my favourites because he had an energy where you really believed he could rip someone apart in the ring. His appearances on Boy Meets World were also pretty epic as well.

Let's hope he keeps getting better because he's a legend and really should be in consideration for the WWE Hall Of Fame, therefore it would be nice to see him inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame eventually.

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