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WWE News: Big Van Vader loses weight, reduces diabetic levels thanks to DDP Yoga

Big Van Vader is getting back on track in his health.

Vader claims his life is on borrowed time

What’s the story?

Wrestling legend Big Van Vader took to twitter to give an update on his health. According to him, after starting DDP Yoga Vader has lost 10lbs and his diabetic levels are back to normal.

In case you didn’t know...

On November 14th, 2016,  Vader tweeted that he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and stated that he visited two doctors who told him that he has only two years left to live. However, almost a month later, Vader tweeted that he had received good news from a fourth doctor, who said that the previous doctors’ diagnosis may not be the case.

As of now, the real situation with his supposed terminal health is still unclear.

The heart of the matter

Seeking a possible way out if the terminal health diagnosis is untrue, Vader has decided to get back into shape and like many WWE legends, DDP Yoga was his go-to. Mick Foley has lost upwards of 100 pounds/45 kilogrammes due to DDP Yoga.

Other wrestlers who are frequent practitioners of DDP Yoga are Chris Jericho, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Scott Hall and AJ Styles.

Vader currently weighs over 200 kilogrammes, which is one of the biggest causes of his health issues. However, Diamond Dallas Page looks to be personally overseeing Vader’s workout. The DDP Yoga package not only includes a yoga workout but diet recommendations as well. This is what helped Jake Roberts and Mick Foley get back in shape. 

What’s next?

If the diagnosis about Vader having only two years left to live is to be believed, then getting back in shape would hopefully increase the time he has left to live. Many WWE fans have been lobbying for Vader to get inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year.

This is not because he supposedly has limited time left to live, but because many feel it is a long overdue induction.

Sportskeeda’s take

Vader started DDP Yoga at a good time. Looking at the wonders it did for Foley in terms of his weight loss, and Roberts for his health, Vader’s practice of DDP Yoga should do wonders for him as well. It wouldn’t be surprising to find the doctors’ diagnosis untrue, two years down the line.

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