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WWE News: Van Vader posts poignant tweet

WWE Legend Vader posted a poignant and heartfelt Tweet on Valentines Day.

The Legendary Vader has some sad news for his fans 

What’s the story? 

Former WWE, WCW and NJPW legend Leon White, better known to fans around the world as Vader, posted a heartfelt Tweet to his thousands of followers on Valentines Day. 

In case you didn’t know...

It was in late 2016 that Vader announced that he was suffering from congestive heart failure and that three different doctors had told him he only had two years left to live. He later Tweeted that he’d seen a fourth doctor and that he had told him that the other three may have been premature with their “doom and gloom” prognosis. 

The heart of the matter

With this most recent tweet, it would seem that Vader may be in more trouble than anyone had ever imagined. Talking about entering his final days is shocking to read, but he could have more than literally days left to live. 

Vader himself said that he knew the heart failure was caused by years of wrestling and pro football. Vader played in the Superbowl for the LA Rams in the late 1970’s before having to retire due to a patella tendon injury.

He transitioned into pro wrestling in the mid 80’s and had a stellar career that spanned 30 years. Most recently we saw him wrestle Indy star Will Ospreay in London, England in 2016.

What’s next?

Fans from around the world have been calling for Vader to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for many years. If the news that he doesn’t have long left to live shows you anything, it should be that WWE needs to induct him whilst he is still alive to see himself in that Hall of Fame. 

Sportskeeda’s take 

The news that Vader only had a couple of years left to live came as a shock to many people. Now seeing him say that he may only have days left is even more shocking. 

So many fans have memories of him, most likely from his runs in the WWF or WCW during the boom period of the 1990’s, and to see him become another legend that passed away will be a sad day. With WrestleMania only weeks away, we can only hope that he may become the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

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