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WWE News: Vader says he has two years to live

Vader announces his heart condition on Twitter.

A picture of Vader after the accident

Former WCW Heavyweight, Champion Leon “Vader” White, was involved in a horrifying car collision recently and he posted about his recent condition on Twitter. Here is what he tweeted:

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Vader has always been an active sportsperson with a long and successful career in both football and pro-wrestling that spans over 20 years. According to the doctors, the two sports have taken a heavy toll on his heart, and they believe there is not much time left.

Vader received a lot of encouragement and support after the declaration of the news. His supporters persuaded him not to give up and keep fighting, here are some of their tweets:

The 61-year-old was involved in the fatal car accident on Tuesday, while driving through Boulder, Colorado. The car rolled over multiple times, and as a result, Vader was left unconscious in the car for about 35 minutes, before help would arrive.

Vader has had a long history with health-related issues, after suffering numerous injuries during his time in the ring. He was bedridden for about six months after his surgical wounds got infected following a double-knee replacement surgery. Even after recovery, the problems continued after he lost consciousness and stayed in a coma for 33 days.

Apart from that, Vader has a history of alcohol abuse, which resulted in his divorce in 2007. Vader brought changes to his life, after being a “born again Christian” and putting an end to his drinking days.

With age not on his side, his past issues with his body and this fatal blow, it seems like Vader might not have much time left.

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