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WWE News: Video of Bo Dallas' drunken arrest released

What was Bo carrying in his bag?

The Dallas police did not BO-LIEVE

Last week when WWE went to Mexico, things seemed to have been going on just like any other tour, except for one part – the most publicity they got from the tour was Bo Dallas’ arrest on the plane to Mexico. 

The reported incident happened when they were boarding a plane from Texas to Mexico City. Bo Dallas was intoxicated and was seen yelling at the flight crew in a drunken state. He was also apparently singing the Lion King song “Circle of Life” and was then ejected from the flight.

In the video by TMZ Sports, at first, some of the airport staff seem to have a word with the police about Bo Dallas’ state and his identity. The policeman then confronted Bo, who barely managed to stand up while slurring abusive words. 

According to the initial report by Prowrestlingsheet.com, Bo Dallas admitted to the cops that he had been drinking earlier that day, and when he was asked how much he drank, he replied “I’m not really planning on driving tonight”

Despite all the publicity, the police noted that Bo Dallas was nothing but cooperative throughout the whole process when he was arrested for public intoxication. When the cops checked his bag (as seen in the video), they took out an object which they initially thought was a nunchuck! However, the policeman who speculated that was quickly corrected that it was indeed just a jump rope. There is no word as to whether Bo did go to Mexico or not.

The irony of the situation is that it took all of that for Bo to finally get some television time. This past week on Raw, Bo Dallas appeared and had a squash match with an enhancement talent. His new gimmick seems to be him holding a big political placard saying “Bo-lieve in Bo”. However, it was reported that the reason Bo Dallas had that squash match was so that he looked strong and credible when the video package was shown to the Chinese audience at their recent tour of China.

This would make latest WWE signing Bin Wang (who now goes by the name Tian Bin) defeating Bo Dallas a great feat to the hometown audience. There is currently no word on when or if Bo Dallas will be making a frequent return to television. Surprisingly, he has not faced any such punishment on television that WWE stars who go through such situations usually face.

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