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WWE News: Vince McMahon hates a popular chant everybody seems to be doing

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No chance
There's no chance Vince McMahon likes this chant

What's the story

If you've ever been at a live pro wrestling show and taken part in a big chant of "one fall" during the introductions of a match, it might be a ton of fun for you but there could be someone in the back that feels differently.

Dave Meltzer recently revealed that Vince McMahon actually hates the popular fan chant which is why WWE announcers try their best to avoid giving any opportunity of hearing it at WWE shows.

In case you didn't know...

The etymology of this fun little chant comes from indie wrestling and it picked up a lot of steam in recent years. There are probably a lot of chants that Vince McMahon hates, but coming from a guy who has the words "no chants" right in his entrance music, this probably shouldn't come as a big surprise.

The heart of the matter

If you noticed some clever manoeuvring to avoid a "one fall" chant at WWE shows, then you're not alone. One fan questioned why announcers weren't saying "one fall" while watching Clash Of Champions

"There must be a specific reason why they aren't letting announcers do the 'one fall' for the matches"

Dave Meltzer replied to reveal how The Chairman of the Board feels about this fan favourite chant.

What's next?

This probably won't stop fans from chanting "one fall" at live shows. If anything, it might just give them a reason to yell it anyway in the spot where it belongs if it's not even said on the microphone.

Author's take

As much as he tries, Vince McMahon still can't dictate how the audience reacts during one of his shows. If that was the case, then Roman Reigns would have been the top babyface years ago. But how McMahon feels about the "one fall" chant is a bit puzzling, to say the least.

It might boil down to McMahon hating crowd participation when he's not determining when it should happen or there could be a deeper seeded reason there. Either way, it's a highly interesting tidbit.

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