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WWE News: Vince McMahon injured while training, undergoes surgery

Is WWE Chairman Vince McMahon going to be alright?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been injured while training

WWE.com reported yesterday the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has sustained an injury while training and had to undergo surgery. The details about the injury were not disclosed by the company and they did not mention if the surgery was extensive or minor. It’s no secret that the 71-year-old WWE veteran and businessman still follows a strict training regimen but exactly on what date the Superstar suffered his injury has not been disclosed.

The promotion did, however, mention that Vince is set to be back to the WWE Headquarters on Wednesday and will be following his normal schedule. The last part of the release hints at the fact that McMahon’s injuries could not have been very serious since that would keep him out of the office for a few weeks.

It has been assumed that the injury details are being kept secret since WWE plans to use as part of the ongoing storyline but no one is certain how it will play out. Mr. McMahon is known for playing out dramatic storylines involving himself or his family and had even faked his own death in June of 2007 where he got inside his limousine on camera before it burst into flames followed by the show going off the air before announcing that Mr. McMahon was presumed dead.

The following episode of RAW was even supposed to be three-hour memorial service for Vince but it never took place due to the unfortunate death of Chris Benoit and McMahon came out to pay tribute to the late Superstar after announcing that the exploding limousine angle was only part of the plot and not real.

But this time the news seems to be legitimate and we will hopefully learn more from inside sources in the following weeks.

We should expect to see Vince McMahon on air soon, doing his signature strut to ‘No Chance in Hell’ as we have come to expect from the owner and chairman of the arguably the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. If he or WWE will release more details about his injury, however, is not certain but we all have to wait and see.

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