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WWE Rumours: Vince McMahon was forced to reveal Roman's suspension due to an inside leak?

4.88K   //    28 Jun 2016, 15:30 IST
In hindsight, this may be best for Roman

Roman Reigns’ 30 day suspension has made a lot of impact to the WWE than anyone would care to admit. His first violation of Wellness Policy has resulted in a 30 day suspension and it was rumored that it was the reason that Reigns lost clean to Rollins at Money in the Bank.

Though several of the fans have expressed disappointment over the matter, Roman received a lot of credit from his peers for owning up his fault and expressing his regret in a professional manner. Reigns issued the following statement on Twitter following his suspension.

According to allwrestlingnews, Vince McMahon planned to punish Roman reigns by making him drop the title cleanly to Rollins at Money in the Bank and that would be the end of it. But unfortunately for Vince, the news about Roman’s failed test got out and hence Vince was forced to announce it publically and suspend him for 30 days. If not for that leak of information, Vince would have covered up the whole Wellness Policy violation incident.

Considering how much pressure is on Roman, it is a good thing that Vince didn’t cover up. If this had been unearthed, there would be nuclear heat on Roman and Vince for covering such a huge issue.

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