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WWE News: Vince Russo says he doesn't think women were created to be leaders

Riju Dasgupta
690   //    16 Nov 2016, 16:54 IST
Vince Russo lights up on his weekly podcast

Former WCW Champion and infamous writer for WWE/WCW in the 90s, Vince Russo, lost a close member of his family recently and announced that he would stop watching Monday Night Raw altogether. This was to focus on the things in life that mattered to him.

This week he took to his podcast entitled ‘The Brand’ and proclaimed vociferously that he thought that women weren’t born to be leaders. This was obviously a dig at Hillary Clinton, who lost to WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump in the recent US Presidential Elections.

He also urged his listeners to give Donald Trump a chance, because he hasn’t done anything yet. 

The cause of concern and shock for a lot of his listeners was when Russo proclaimed that as a Christian man, he did not believe that women were created to be leaders or run the country. Here’s how he justified his statement:

“I don’t believe a woman was created to run this country based on the fact that the woman was taken from the man’s rib.”

He did reiterate that it was just his opinion. He went on to add, “Woman wasn’t created first. The man was created first. The woman was created second. I believe that’s how God wanted the pecking order to be.”

However, he did mention that women have the most important job of giving birth, rearing kids and raising kids, in addition to moulding and shaping them. And he considered this to be a more important role than that of leadership. He said he loves his wife more than he used to, and her job was more important than his. 

During his WCW run, Russo put the title on himself and turned the hottest babyface- Goldberg, heel

Without picking sides, the show went from amusing to ridiculous when Russo proclaimed that if men and women had been created equal, everyone would have the same sex organs. 


He bemoaned the politically correct world and repeatedly said that he wasn’t a sexist. He went on to mention how a listener had told him, that he would stop listening to the show because of his sexist views. To prove that he’s not sexist, Russo mentioned how much he loved his wife now.

Vince Russo has been infamous in the pro-wrestling world for putting the WCW title on both David Arquette and himself and thereby devaluing the championship belt. Check out Vince Russo’s ‘The Brand’ podcast at the following link, where he discusses the topic in question from the 7-minute mark onwards:

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 15 2016 Ep. 163 - Vince Russo's The Brand
THANK GOD, JEFF LANE IS GONE!!!!In this EXTREMELY HIGH-OCTANED Episode, Vince goes in detail describing his FOUR DAY ORDEAL with co-host Jeff Lane perhaps over-staying his welcome as a house guest. Vince goes off on Jeff keeping him from having sex with his wife, maybe killing Yogi on his last stay, his ridiculous comic book buying habit and being a part of perhaps the WORST PRE-TAPE Vince ever produced in his career. From there Vince discusses the current political protests, being labeled a sexist and knowing when to give up your dream of professional wrestling. Vince also holds class in BELL RINGING 101!

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