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WWE News: Watch bizarre Face App makeovers of WWE stars

Some of our favorite WWE Superstars just got a bizarre makeover.

News 07 May 2017, 09:34 IST
Can you smell what Rocklina is cooking?

What’s the story?

The WWE recently released a video wherein a select few WWE Superstars were given bizarre makeovers courtesy FaceApp. WWE Digital host Catherine Kelly used the app to see how the WWE Superstars’ faces would change, besides also using it on herself.

In case you didn’t know...

FaceApp is a computer application available on Android and iOS. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform a person’s on-screen facial appearance, with the modifications enabling users to make themselves look younger, older, add a smile, change their gender, and so much more.

The heart of the matter

Cathy Kelly used FaceApp to modify the on-screen appearance of a few WWE Superstars namely The Miz, Nikki Bella, Enzo Amore, The Rock, Goldberg and herself as well. You can check out the video below-

The video has been posted courtesy WWE’s official website, and featured a bizarre few makeovers that saw ‘The Certified G’ Enzo Amore, The Miz, The Rock and Goldberg get different looks; besides Nikki Bella presented as Nick Bella (something fans may find surprising unless they’ve watched the video).

What’s next?

Fans can upload selfies or photos of their favourite WWE Superstars and use FaceApp to modify said photos according to their preference. Several fans, as well as digital experts, are reportedly lauding the app for its excellent functionality.

Author’s take

Given the fact that most of today’s generation is net-savvy, I assume you must have heard about FaceApp. While it’s fun to use that app on yourself and your acquaintances, it’s crazy how bizarre and funny it makes our favourite WWE stars look.

If you haven’t watched the video posted above, you guys are seriously missing out on something. (PS- Check out Nikki Bella and The Rock’s makeovers, the most epic of the lot, in my opinion.)

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