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WWE News: What did Shane McMahon's son do to Sami Zayn at Hell In A Cell

Johny Payne
9.19K   //    10 Oct 2017, 18:27 IST

Shane McMahon faced Kevin Owens at Hell In A Cell in an all-time classic
Shane McMahon faced Kevin Owens at Hell In A Cell in an all-time classic

What’s the story?

If reports are to be believed, Shane McMahon’s younger son flipped the bird to his father’s betrayer, Sami Zayn after the latter helped Kevin Owens defeat him.

A photograph showing one of McMahon’s sons flipping Zayn off has been the making the rounds on the interwebs, and it caused quite a stir in the professional wrestling community.

In case you didn’t know…

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens have been embroiled in a feud dating back to the time when the former served as a Special Guest Referee for Owens’s United States Championship match against AJ Styles at SummerSlam.

Styles bested Owens on the night, and what followed was several weeks of bickering between Owens and Shane; besides the much-talked-about SmackDown Live episodes, with the blue brand’s Commissioner attacking KO and Owens, in turn, attacking Shane’s father Vince McMahon the following week. 

The heart of the matter

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon’s ongoing rivalry reached a crescendo of sorts at Hell In A Cell this past Sunday night, with McMahon almost beating KO by attempting to land an elbow on him from atop the HIAC cage.

However, KO’s old friend Sami Zayn surprised the spectators by coming to the former’s rescue and pulling him away from the table. This caused McMahon to crash from a 20 feet-plus height and subsequently, he lost the match.

Speaking of which, although the atmosphere in the arena was euphoric, one fan who didn’t seem amused was Shane McMahon’s son, who was on the ringside and witnessed Zayn costing his father the match. It ought to be noted that Sami has indeed always shared a great camaraderie with McMahon.

What’s next?

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are expected to join forces in the days to come and continue their feud with the McMahons on SmackDown Live.


Author’s take:

Well, much like a true McMahon, Shane’s son always looks out for his own!

It’s awesome to see a bit of outside interference theatrics in the WWE from time to time. Do you agree with the young lad flipping off Sami, or are you of the opinion that he went too far? Sound off in the comments!   

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