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WWE News: What happened after RAW went off the air

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The fun with Enzo didn't stop when Raw went off the air.

What's the story

Monday Night Raw ended with Enzo getting a dose of humble pie. It was evident nobody on 205 Live likes him very much and Neville destroyed him in the ring capping it off with a Red Arrow. But the action didn't stop when the cameras stopped rolling.

In case you didn't know

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were two of the hottest Superstars when they jumped up from NXT. But stories of Enzo's verbose behaviour quickly started turning in the rumour mills.

After Cass and Enzo broke up it was pretty clear Big Cass was the intended breakout star between the two. But a knee injury put Big Cass out of the scene causing Enzo Amore to eventually wind up on 205 Live.

The heart of the matter

Enzo Amore challenged Neville for the Cruiserweight Title at No Mercy and won using a low blow. Even though Enzo didn't hold a candle to Neville during their No Mercy contest, the Certified G still walked out with the WWE's purple title.

On Raw the next night, Enzo demanded a celebration and it capped off the show. But his celebration would quickly sour when the 205 Live roster flooded the stage. Enzo picked at a few of them using his unique insults and then Neville came out to speak his mind.

The former Cruiserweight Champion tore into Enzo and really called him out while painting a very clear picture how nobody likes him. Neville would end up assaulting Enzo in the ring and ended the beatdown with a Red Arrow. That is where Raw concluded.

But after Raw was off the air, it got worse for Enzo. First, Braun Strowman came out and slammed him into the mat. T it looks like the rest of the 205 Live roster just couldn't resist and joined the fun too. As you can see from the clip below it looks like Neville might not be the only one who violated Enzo's no-contact clause.

What's next

205 Live needs to use this exposure to bring more eyes to the product. Hopefully, this means more people will be watching this week and they need to step it up.


But then again, those guys bring is on a weekly basis and really are the most underappreciated members of the current WWE roster (if you exclude WWE's United Kingdom roster).

Author's take

This was a very nice way to end Raw. It was unique enough to be impactful and really made Neville look great in the process.

Enzo is experiencing an interesting character evolution as well. I just can't help but wonder if it will eventually see him working the indie scene exclusively in due time.

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