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WWE News: Why Enzo Amore missed WWE RAW

3.05K   //    02 Jan 2018, 10:50 IST

Get well
Get well soon, Enzo

Enzo Amore is the Realest Guy In The Room, but he's still a human being. Therefore, although he might possess some amazing talent on the microphone, it looks like he's still susceptible to illness just like anyone else. After all, a flu bug doesn't care who you are or if you're WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Amore was set to defend his "boo" against Cedric Alexander on Raw this week but the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Therefore instead of getting to flirt with Enzo Amore backstage, Nia Jax needed to deliver her crush some chicken soup from the soul to his hospital room. Okay, Jax was probably delivering some chicken soup from a can, but you get my point.

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship match was scrapped, and instead, Alexander tagged with Goldust who is not in the Cruiserweight Division now but he served his purpose to put Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari down for the count.

Enzo Amore sent out an Instagram message trying to explain why he couldn't be there but it can all be summed up to sickness not caring who someone is and what kind of important things they have to do.

Amore made it through the harsh Canadian weather, customs, and everything else that holiday travel entails, to make it to Miami, but he wasn't well enough to make Raw. The Realest Guy In The Room even gave up attending P Diddy's big New Year's Eve party so he could rest up but it was to no avail.

He described Cedric Alexander as lucky that he didn't have to face the Smack Talker Skywalker tonight but the master of the Lumbar Check will certainly get his title match eventually. After all, Alexander did win a tournament to get his title shot. The only question is when will he get the chance to scrap with Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Let's hope Enzo Amore is able to rest up in the meantime and get to feeling well. Hopefully, that chicken soup from Nia Jax will do the trick.

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