WWE News: Wrestling world reacts to Bray Wyatt's WWE return

This came out of the blue!
This came out of the blue!

Tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw took a bizarre turn, as Bray Wyatt made his long-awaited return to the squared circle. The former WWE Champion had been out since a long while with an injury. Over the past several weeks, we had been seeing a bunch of extremely bizarre and disturbing vignettes, featuring weird dolls and puppets.

It was already being speculated that Bray Wyatt was about to make his return, but no one had imagined in their wildest dreams that he would be coming back in the way he did tonight.

Unlike what everyone was expecting, the WWE Universe got a bright, shiny video package featuring Bray Wyatt sporting his new look. The former "Eater of the Worlds" introduced the fans to his new show, Firefly Fun House.

The video package kicked off with Bray himself welcoming the fans to his brand new show, stating that everyone's going to have a lot of fun in "his new place". He proceeded to put on a pair of gloves labeled 'hurt' and 'heal', introducing the WWE Universe to "Mercy the Buzzard".


Things only got weirder from this point on, as Wyatt talked about how he used to be a very bad man in the past. Bray added that he keeps a reminder to make sure that he never goes back to being the pathetic loser he used to be once. The camera panned to a life-size cardboard cutout of Wyatt himself, which he then decapitated with a chainsaw and bid the fans goodbye, promising to see them next week.

This was one of the most disturbing promos in a long time, and it would be interesting to see where does Bray go from here.

The wrestling world was quick to take to Twitter and react on what had just transpired.

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