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WWE News: WWE allegedly covered up Randy Orton's concussion

Pratyay Ghosh
8.63K   //    17 Sep 2016, 13:17 IST
Randy Orton received a concussion at SummerSlam

WWE received criticism after the shock ending at SummerSlam where Brock Lesnar busted Randy Orton wide open with legitimate blows to the head to end the match by TKO. Orton needed stitches after the match to close the match and WWE were criticised for their decision to let Brock draw blood from Orton with legitimate punches instead of just blading in which there is no risk of concussion.

Experts have criticised the WWE for their decision to be so careless with Orton’s safety, especially now when we do the dangers of concussions and head-related trauma. 

We now know from the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that WWE allegedly covered up the fact that Randy Orton received a concussion at SummerSlam and immediately pushed him into a program with Bray Wyatt on SmackDown Live. Orton should have gone on a rest period to heal up properly instead of being forced into action right away. This can easily be termed as negligence on the part of the WWE and many experts have said that Orton now has a job for life as he could easily sue the WWE over the events at SummerSlam.

Randy Orton also allegedly helped the WWE to cover up the fact that he had a concussion by lying about it to family, friends and those close to him. WWE were hoping that Orton would be able to compete at Backlash but had to pull him out at the last moment after he failed to consistently pass the concussion testing. Orton still came out at Backlash to deliver an RKO to Bray Wyatt despite failing the test. Some believe that WWE had been intent on working that night despite the concussion but had to back off due to persistent rumours on the internet regarding Orton’s concussion.

Pro Wrestling Sheet were the ones who first reported that Orton was going into Backlash with a concussion and the news spread on the internet like wildfire and WWE eventually had Bray Wyatt attack Orton backstage to take him out of the match. Fans were left upset after one of the showcase matches that WWE had advertised for weeks beforehand got called off and were left even more flabbergasted when Orton was replaced by Kane, of all people. WWE should have known better than to put someone with a concussion in action so soon after the injury and try to cover up the injury.