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From the WWE Rumor Mill: WWE and Facebook Live collaborating on revolutionary new TV show

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What are they planning now?

What's the story?

WWE is always looking to stay ahead of the game and it looks like they're going to be keeping with the trends once again. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that WWE and Facebook Live are going to come together on a new venture which is set to start in January that might be a big gamechanger.

In case you didn't know

With a Master's Degree in Journalism, I could bore you for days about the intricate evolution of media and societal trends to coincide with that growth but let's keep things light here. The media is like a living organism constantly shaping itself to meet the needs of the public and WWE obviously sees the benefit of social media judging by their attention to every corner of the space.

WWE has always been ahead of the curb or at least, they've tried. Now it looks like they're going to be jumping right into the next frontier once again with both feet no matter how deep the waters might be. But before they dive in headfirst, they're testing it out which is the wise decision.

The heart of the matter

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports WWE is in talks to produce a weekly show on Facebook Live. This project could see the light of day in January if it goes according to plan and there are some interesting ideas about the show that are doing the rounds.

It is reported WWE has changed their minds on a few occasions about creative direction but the show will most likely air live after SmackDown Live. This would mean 205 Live will be pretaped possibly before SmackDown goes on the air.

To make matters even more intriguing fans might already have a good hint as to what WWE could be planning. They recently applied for a trademark on the name, "WWE Mixed Match Challenge." This name is not only a tongue twister, but it could also have several connotations.

This show concept could either include both Raw and SmackDown Superstars battling for brand supremacy or it could also include mixed-tag matches. While the exact direction is still unclear it certainly appears something cool is on the way.

What's next?

The real story here isn't just this one new show, it's what could follow. If viewership is proven to be successful on Facebook Live and they can attract advertisers, who knows if we'll eventually be tuning into Facebook to watch Raw and SmackDown every week?


Author's take

The idea of logging onto Facebook to watch an exclusive WWE program might make some people cringe. But it could also be the wave of the future and WWE is on top of things once again. Hopefully, it will develop into something great and not just be another Byte This.

But whatever they're going to do we'll probably hear something official about the matter soon enough because January will be here before we know it.

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