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WWE News: WWE announces record revenue for 2016

The WWE continues to rake in the money on a yearly basis.

The WWE headquarters in Stamford is where all the magic happens

What's the story?

As reported by PWInsider, WWE has announced a company record revenue for the year of 2016. The announcement was made in connection with the release of financial results for its fourth quarter, with WWE Network subscribers increasing 14% to a 1.41 million average.

In case you didn't know...

Many people anticipated some form of revenue rise for 2016, but these results show just how far the company has come in the last twelve months. The offer of 'free' months on the Network has led many to believe that the company wasn’t actually making enough money off of the service, but as has been proved by these results that couldn't be further from the truth.

The heart of the matter

The revenue within the company increased 11% last year to $729.2 million, which is officially the highest in the history of the WWE. That includes the Network, television, live events, venue merchandise and WWE shop segments. International revenue also increased by 11%, which raises it up to a record $189.3 million.

What's next?

WWE seems poised to continued this level of success throughout the next few years, with the various forms of entertainment that it puts out increasing by the hour. With more original shows rumoured to be added to the Network in addition to the thriving product on screen, it seems as if the only way is up for Vince McMahon at this stage.

Sportskeeda's take

This is fantastic news not just for WWE, but for us as members of the WWE Universe too. When the company is making money that can only mean good things for us as viewers because it allows them to be more flexible with everything they do on a weekly basis.

To see these figures after a year that was seen as mixed by some is fantastic, and it bodes extremely well for 2017.

We'd love to see the original content continue to flow, but it is worth noting that some fans feel WWE puts out too much material every week and people can't keep up. However, that's probably only going to be seen as a minor issue when they take another look at these numbers.

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