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WWE News: WWE Attitude Era legend has GoFundMe set up

David Cullen
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What’s the story?

Former WWE star, WWE Attitude Era legend and son of Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Brian 'Grandmaster Sexy' Lawler suffered a bad accident in his home in Memphis this week and has a GoFundMe campaign set up.

In case you didn’t know…

Brian wrestled for WWE from 1997-2001, and then again very briefly in 2004. After wrestling in WWE's Light Heavyweight division, Lawler was paired with fellow division member Scott Taylor in 1998 after officials like how well to two meshed together during a random match. After a tongue in cheek quasi-homosexual, they were re-branded in 1999 as Grandmaster Sexy and Scotty 2 Hotty, Too Cool. They became incredibly popular after forming a trio with Rikishi and held the WWE Tag team Championships in 2000. Brian was fired by WWE in 2001 for drug-related issues and wrestled for TNA for a little while before returning to WWE for one month in 2004, before being released again for similar reasons.

He was named Brian Christopher during his first 2 years with WWE because Jerry Lawler wanted fans to think he was younger than he actually was and did not want fans to know that he had a son in his late 20's. Jim Ross would often rib Jerry by implying Brian was his son on commentary.

The heart of the matter

Brian suffered what has been described as 'a bad home accident' in Memphis, that has left Brian with several broken bones. The GoFundMe was set up by a man named Mike Dickinson. We do not know if this is a friend or just a fan, of Brian. Mike is looking to reach a goal of $10,000, to help him recover and to pay medical bills. The GFM does not seem very well promoted as of this writing and has only received $25 thus far in just under a day of being created. You can find the GFM in the link below.

What’s next?

Brian did have a few local independent appearances coming up, but he will now have to cancel them. I recently spoke to Brian and he told me that he and Rikishi were looking into doing some appearances in New Orleans during WrestleMania week, but those plans will likely be cancelled also.

Author’s take

Such a horrible thing to happen. It is always a sad sight to see when our old favorites from our childhood run into these kinds of difficulties, and it really shows that a significant portion of wrestlers are not paid as much as we think, despite it being WWE. Too Cool happens to be my all-time favorite tag team so this makes it even that little bit more upsetting for me. Brian isn't the only one here, as several other former WWE stars, such as Sabu and WWE Hall of Famer 'Superstar' Billy Graham also have active GoFundMe campaigns.

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