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WWE Rumors: WWE bans Sasha Banks' finisher

17.85K   //    24 Jun 2016, 20:10 IST
The Bank Statement bore too unwelcome a resemblance for the WWE

We have been accustomed to the WWE banning certain moves lately, especially ones that target the head like Randy Orton’s punt kick, Seth Rollins’ curb stomp or chair shots to the head in general.

And with good measure too, given that head trauma has cost the careers of Superstars like Daniel Bryan and in Benoit’s case, the lives of his family and him.

Talking about which, it has been reported on that the WWE has banned Sasha Banks’ finisher, the Bank Statement, because it resembles the Crippler Crossface that Benoit patented.

The WWE aren’t asking her to completely drop it from her repertoire, but rather, if you noticed during this week’s episode of Raw, just cut out the final part of it which is a submission. Apparently, the rationale behind this move is that the WWE want to avoid any comparisons that could arise between her and Chris Benoit.

On the surface, this move by the WWE may seem well intentioned but it is worth noting that Sasha Banks has used the move throughout her NXT days and even on the main roster before. Also, both Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have used the move too.

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