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WWE News: WWE cancels "Superstars" after 398 episodes

Rohit Nath
15.28K   //    30 Nov 2016, 15:46 IST
The show went on for 398 episodes

WWE will no longer be taping “Superstars” before Raw. According to PWInsider, the show was cancelled on the WWE Network and will be replaced by 205 Live, as the company feel it is more valuable to the network, and that it will be “must-see” action for subscribers to the Network. Main Event will now be taped before Raw. 

Normally, Superstars was taped before Raw, while Main Event was taped after Smackdown Live. “Superstars” was created in the 1980s before Raw, and it was where storylines progressed, and all the non-Pay-Per-View action happened.

After Raw, by the mid-90s it became a magazine style show. It ended its run in 2001 but was resurrected in 2009. 

The show was on WGN America after 2009, until it moved to in 2011 and finally to the WWE Network on 2014

Here is the original format of Superstars, when it was known as Superstars Of Wrestling

And here is the later rendition of Superstars that aired for the past seven years

“Superstars” in its later rendition primarily featured mid-card talent or lower card talent. It generally did not get much viewership, even on the Network, as it was never in the top 10 most watched shows. After the brand split, “ Superstars” featured Raw talent, while Main Event featured Smackdown Live talent.


However, now Main Event may likely feature Raw-exclusive talent. The reason it is unlikely to feature talent from SmackDown Live is that the blue brand roster is always in a different town doing a house show when Raw goes live.

One notable thing about “ Superstars” was that the commentators would loosen up, compared to when they are on live television, as they don’t have producers in their ear telling them what to say and what not to. Will you miss WWE Superstars?

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