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WWE News: WWE claims that over 19 of 50 wrestlers in the concussion lawsuit signed away their right to sue

Rohit Nath
4.03K   //    18 Oct 2016, 19:21 IST
Have the contracts they signed legally bound them from the right to sue?

It was revealed a few months ago that over 50 wrestlers have sued WWE for concussions and head injuries obtained during their tenure there. Some of the names include Muhammad Hassan, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Sabu, Demolition, Marty Jannetty, Ahmed Johnson, Jimmy Snuka,etc.  

Some names such as Sabu reportedly pulled out of this.

Many felt it was a bizarre claim for someone like Sabu to get involved in such a lawsuit, given that the man was known for his stint in ECW, which saw some of the most extreme wrestling.

Demolition filing the lawsuit meant punishment for them too, in the sense that WWE seems to be eager to push The New Day to break Demolition’s all-time record Tag Team Championship reign.

WWE have now filed multiple motions in regards to the lawsuit dealing with WWE’s treatment of brain injuries/concussions and also the alleged illegality of the contracts.

Now, WWE sent exhibits to the plaintiffs a couple of months ago, which appears to have proven that 19 of the 50+ performers who were involved in the concussion lawsuit had actually signed away their right to sue in their contracts. 

The names who WWE claim do not have the right to sue are as follows. It must be noted that these are the dates on which the contract which took away their right to sue was signed, according to WWE. Many of these names also have other lawsuits against WWE with regards to matters such as royalties, gimmick usage,etc.:

  1. Jazz(Carlene Moore-Begnaud) - January 18th, 2007
  2. Rodney Mack (Rodney Begnaud) - January 18th, 2007
  3. Henry Godwin (Mark Canterbury - June 15th, 2016
  4. Adam Bomb/Bryan Clark (Bryan Emmett Clark, Jr.) - January 9th, 1996
  5. Mohammad Hassan (Marc Copani) - September 20th, 2005
  6. Blake Beverly (Mike Enos) - September 9th, 1993
  7. Demolition Ax (Bill Eadie) - May 25th, 2001. He had been engaged in a lawsuit against the company for multiple things, one of them being the use of the demolition gimmick
  8. Mantaur (Michael Halac) - July 24th, 1997
  9. Boris Zhukov (then James Harrell) - February 28th, 1991
  10. Kamala (James Harris) - September 9th, 1993
  11. Marty Jannetty signed contracts dated both February 9, 1993 and September 15, 1995
  12. Mark Jindrak, released of WWE on July 12th, 2005
  13. Black Bart (Rick Jones) - January 11, 1991.
  14. Road Warrior Animal (Joseph Laurinaitis)-  June 6, 2006
  15. Shane Douglas (Troy Martin) - December 19, 1995.
  16. Ahmed Johnson (Anthony Norris) - his March 6, 1998 
  17. Jimmy Snuka (James W. Snuka-Reiher) - November 15, 1991.
  18. The Warlord (Terry Szopinski) - May 18, 1992; He signed another contract (potentially a legend/nostalgia deal) on January 8th, 2016
  19. The Berzerker (John Nord) - January 15th, 2016

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