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WWE News: WWE Hall of Famer criticises Shane McMahon over Hell in a Cell bump

Harald Math
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'Superstar' didn't hold back when it came to expressing his opinion on Shane McMahon
'Superstar' didn't hold back when it came to expressing his opinion on Shane McMahon

What's the story?

WWE Hall of Famer 'Superstar' Billy Graham has posted a lengthy tirade on his Facebook page, taking a shot at SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon. Graham called Shane an 'idiot' for taking the infamous bump at Hell in a Cell, where Shane-O Mac jumped from the top of the cell, crashing through an announce table in the process.

In case you didn't know...

'Superstar' Billy Graham has never been known for his subtlety, and this tirade is the latest in a long line of anti-McMahon outbursts from the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2004 inductee.

Graham made his name initially as a professional bodybuilder, competing in many competitions and training alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and many others. Graham made his pro wrestling debut in January 1970 and went on to become one of the biggest stars of the decade.

Graham was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004, but the 13 years since that have been full of incident and controversy for the former WWWF Heavyweight Champion. Graham sold his Hall of Fame ring on eBay in order to pay medical bills, and requested to be taken out of the Hall after Abdullah the Butcher was inducted.

The heart of the matter

Billy Graham's Facebook post started as it meant to go on, prefacing the rant by referring to Shane McMahon as an 'idiot'. Graham then ripped into WWE for lying to its fans, only to change tack and tell the truth when called out on their lies.

Graham says that he considers Shane to be little more than a rich man's foolish son and that he has no sympathy for any injuries that Shane-O Mac may have suffered from his death-defying Hell in a Cell bump.

"I have no sympathy for this spoiled brat and maybe he won't try to defy gravity ever again for a worthless, meaningless, and dumb as hell cheap pop"

Graham's full rant can be seen below.


What's next?

It remains to be seen whether Shane McMahon will wrestle again, although it seems as though WWE may be building to a Shane/AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn match at Survivor Series. It will be interesting to note whether 'Superstar' has anything to say about that or not.

Author's take

Whilst 'Superstar' Billy Graham has said some silly things in the past, he might be on the button with this one. Shane's bump at Hell in a Cell was little more than a vanity moment for a 47-year-old man in front of his children.

With all we now know about concussions and injury, it seems like an incredibly short-sighted move from one of the most important men in the company.

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