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WWE News: WWE is trying to trademark this term

Alex Ferns
5.39K   //    15 Feb 2018, 18:02 IST

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What could WWE be doing with this trademark?

What's the story?

According to, the WWE has filed to trademark one of their favorite phrases, that being 'WWE Universe'.

The speculated reason for doing so is because the company wishes to create a new video game and use this term for it, possibly as the name of the game or a feature of it.

In case you didn't know...

It is well known that WWE likes to call its fans the 'WWE Universe'.

It is encouraged that commentators, announcers, Superstars and other personnel alike have been instructed to refer to the WWE audience as such, which can be seen by the infamous list of words that they should and shouldn't use on TV, apparently created by Chairman Vince McMahon.

I mean when was the last time you watched a Monday Night Raw and not hear Michael Cole saying it.

We would, therefore, forgive you for thinking that WWE would have already trademarked 'WWE Universe' long ago.............shockingly they haven't done that though.

The heart of the matter.....

With WWE 2K18 already out on various different consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, it is hard to know what other video game they would want to create.

However, we could bring your attention to Jerry Lawler's comments on an edition of his podcast after last year's SummerSlam, 'Dinner With The King', in which he stated that WWE Superstars were getting their bodies scanned for a video game backstage, but it was not done by the '2k people' as he put it and that it is for a 'different game', which would come out in 2018.

Hence, this 'filing for a trademark news' probably ties into these remarks from Lawl


What's next?

As WWE continues to try and expand its reach in our modern world, it is interesting to see what they will try and create next in terms of video games, social media, and other technology-based platforms.

It is currently hard to figure out what type of video game they plan to produce, and whether it is going to available on Xbox, Play Station, PC or any other console.

Author's take

The WWE is always trying to impress its fans, or should I say 'WWE Universe' (you see what I did there?), such as in this case of a new video game.

It is rather strange that the WWE have not tried to copyright 'WWE Universe' already, as it is used by their different personalities any time that they get the chance to do so on RAW, SmackDown or at live events every week.

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