WWE News: WWE/WCW legend goes through unbelievable physical transformation

Brian Knobbs a few months ago (Left)     His latest photo (Right)
Brian Knobbs a few months ago (Left) His latest photo (Right)

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Hannibal TV, WWE veteran Gangrel addressed Ric Flair’s health scare and alcoholism, and cited the example of former WWE and WCW Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs.

Gangrel spoke about how Knobbs overcame alcoholism, the party lifestyle, and turned around his life for better.

Additionally, he explained that Knobbs, who was frequenting the hospital a lot lately, let go of his bad habits and reduced his weight, now sporting a leaner, healthier look.

In case you didn’t know…

Brian Knobbs performed with Jerry Sags as the Nasty Boys -- one of the best Tag Teams in all of professional wrestling -- and enjoyed widespread popularity during the 1980s and ‘90s.

Knobbs and Sags were infamous for their notorious partying ways and were known to go all-out, binge-drinking the night away during their heydey.

The heart of the matter

Younger fans may recollect Brian Knobbs as a considerably heavyset man who wrestled for TNA back in 2010, and was criticised by many for his inability to wrestle efficiently due to weight issues.

Gangrel cited him and spoke about Knobbs’ positive physical transformation, “I didn’t think Brian Knobbs could but he did. Have you seen Brian lately? He’s like super lean (and) he turned his life around because he was in really bad health too.

“He was real sick in and out of the hospital (and) he’s doing well (and now) he looks good. I think anyone can do anything after all those years (and) it’s just how much you want to live or die or not—I mean, if you’re done living then go keep drinking,” said Gangrel.

What’s next?

Brian Knobbs presently performs on the independent professional wrestling circuit and is 53 years young.

Author’s take

My hat is off to Brian, it truly is! As the saying goes -- bad habits die hard -- and changing your habits fairly late in life, besides completely revamping your lifestyle is no cakewalk.

As a huge fan of the Nasty Boys, this comes as great news to me, given the fact that it was, in fact, Knobbs who once famously collapsed at a Willie Nelson concert and suffered multiple health scares in the years to come. Stay healthy, champ!

Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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