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WWE News: WWE now at a market cap of 2.04 Billion Dollars

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WWE has now broken through the 2 Billion Dollar Market cap

What's the story?

WWE is riding at an all-time high financially. reported their shares were valued at a 52-week high and hit a peak of $26.87. However, the price did go down at the end of the day. The market had opened at $26.75 and went to $26.50, a fall of around 0.11%.

The Company now has achieved an enormous market cap of $2.04 Billion. While that may not be much when looking at the richest companies, it is a huge milestone to have reached.

In case you didn't know....

WWE has been looking on the strong side financially for a while now, after reporting high returns in their third quarter as well. The revenue figure in the third quarter showed a rise of 14% from the same time of 2016. The number of network subscribers has also increased, a large amount over the year.

The heart of the matter

WWE shares hit a peak value of $26.87 as WWE reached a market value of $2.04 Billion.

There are two ways for investors to analyse this trend, as the Bull and Bear investors will obviously have completely different outlooks about it.

While the Bull Investors will look at it thinking the 52-week high displays the momentum the shares have, will buy more, as that means the prices will increase. The Bear Investors will have the totally opposite outlook, as they will think that it is a peak that WWE reached and that the prices will decrease from there on in.

What's next?

It is hard to say what's next for WWE shares, as they will obviously be looking to increase their position in the market. WWE has had a focus on cashing in on the Indian Market for a while now, and with the UK tour also showing positive fan reaction, their global presence is only increasing with time.

Author's take

WWE and Vince McMahon are getting richer. They will continue to want to expand. At the rate they are going they are showing higher returns despite lower ratings.

The financial world is mysterious, but WWE seems to be in control.

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