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WWE News: WWE puts out official statement after criticism of Ultimate Warrior revisionist history

"Unleash Your Warrior" is the slogan for WWE's association with Susan G Komen
Rohit Nath
Modified 29 Oct 2017, 14:23 IST

What's the story? wrote an article about how WWE is whitewashing The Ultimate Warrior's past, as The Warrior is known to have made several controversial comments in the past.

As we know, Warrior is now used for WWE's "Warrior Award" during the Hall Of Fame ceremony and is now associated with Susan G Komen as well. Despite the criticism, both Dana Warrior and WWE have stood their ground, making statements hitting back.

In case you didn't know...

The Ultimate Warrior finally made amends with WWE in 2014 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame after years of animosity between the two parties. He also advocated for an award named the "Jimmy Miranda" award which was intended to be given to WWE backstage personnel, who otherwise do not get any credit or recognition from the public.

Unfortunately, WWE decided to use this as an opportunity for PR and created the Warrior Award dedicated to non-WWE personalities. The late Connor "The Crusher" Michalek, Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden and paralyzed motivational speaker Eric LeGrand. This is not to say that these names are not to be commended because they absolutely are. But WWE has been criticized for completely taking away Warrior's original intention for the award.

Warrior has also been criticised in the past for making several insensitive comments regarding homosexuality, wishing death upon the late, great Bobby Heenan and more. This was the basis of VICE's article mentioned above.

The heart of the matter

Dana Warrior hit back at the article with her own statement first:

I will not be disloyal to my husband’s memory or speak ill of a man who is not here to defend himself," said Dana Warrior in the statement. "I can, however, tell you his heart was changed by conversations with his two daughters. The true testament of the man behind the character is his ability to evolve. My husband did just that.

WWE then decided to put out a statement of their own, disregarding VICE's article:

WWE’s ‘Unleash Your Warrior’ breast cancer awareness campaign and annual ‘Warrior Award’ recognize individuals that exhibit the strength and courage of WWE’s legendary character The Ultimate Warrior. Any attempt to distract from the mission of these initiatives and take the spotlight away from the honorees is unfortunately misguided."

While this was in VICE's article, WWE is definitely going to go all out to protect the Unleash Your Warrior campaign. As you probably know by now, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and WWE teams up with Susan G. Komen. The ring ropes are pink all October as well.

What's next?

Nothing will really change from this. WWE will be firm in their stance and VICE may or may not do more investigation into this matter. It'll be interesting to see how things are going forward.

Author's Take

There are two sides to this story. It is possible that Dana Warrior is right and that conversations with his children changed Warrior's stance significantly on a lot of these matters.

However, on the flip side, VICE's criticism is not unjustified and they are touching on subjects that many people are thinking about. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether WWE is rewriting history for their own agenda or if Warrior was a genuinely changed man in the later years of his life.


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Published 29 Oct 2017, 14:23 IST
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