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WWE News: WWE recently applied for trademarks on big batch of new wrestlers

Akshay Bapat
2.90K   //    02 Nov 2016, 18:26 IST
‘Bobby Roode’ will soon be a WWE copyright

WWE likes to assume ownership of the ring names of all the performers, that are under contract so that they can generate income primarily via merchandising. It is part of the deal while working for the WWE, that sooner or later the company trademarks the stage names of their performers.

According to, WWE recently applied for a new batch of wrestling name trademarks. The list of wrestlers that will likely soon be under WWE copyright are:

  1. Carmella
  2. Bobby Roode
  3. Noam Dar
  4. Cedric Alexander
  5. TJ Perkins
  6. Rich Swann
  7. Cedric Alexander
  8. Drew Gulak

Over the years, a lot of independent wrestlers have been reluctant to let their established names be copyrighted by the WWE. However, since the rise of the NXT, WWE has been lax, when it comes to its insistence on enforcing the policy of trademarks and copyrights to its newly-signed performers.

Many established wrestlers like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, AJ Styles and Eric Young, have been allowed to keep their popular names, which are also owned by them. Trademarks also serve as an indication and confirmation of whether or not a wrestler has officially signed a deal with the WWE.

Rich Swann among the cruiserweight competitors to have his ring name trademarked

Out of this recent crop of wrestling trademarks that are being applied for by the WWE, the most striking one seems to be that of WWE NXT star Bobby Roode. ‘Bobby Roode’ was closely associated with TNA for almost a decade, and now very soon it will fall under the large umbrella of WWE trademarks.

It is not surprising that WWE wants to trademark the likes of Alexander, Gulak, Dar, Nese, Swann and Perkins. It can now be concluded with certainty that the aforementioned Cruiserweight competitors have signed a full-time deal with the WWE.

These are some of the featured names to appear weekly on WWE TV on Monday Night RAW as part of the RAW-exclusive cruiserweight division, and it is very likely that a line of merchandise will soon be released for the Cruiserweight standouts.

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