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WWE News: Footage of Cesaro vs Sheamus' 4th match from the London live event released

The Swiss Superman finally got one over The Celtic Warrior and you can watch it here.

Cesaro managed to stay in the frayin London earlier this week

Cesaro and Sheamus faced off in the fourth match of their Best-Of-Seven series that began at Summerslam. The feud perhaps came at a good time for both superstars, as Sheamus was toiling in creative limbo, while Cesaro was back to square one and was not being utilized correctly. 

Cesaro defeated Sheamus in two consecutive matches, but after Sheamus cost Cesaro a United States Championship victory with Cesaro subsequently costing him a match the next week, Raw General Manager Mick Foley decided that the two should battle it out in a rare Best-of-Seven series match.

There have been only 3 Best-of-Seven Series’ in WWE with this is being the fourth one. As it always happens, the heel tends to be 3 up in the beginning, thus prompting a huge comeback from the babyface. And this is exactly what is happening here. Sheamus won the first three matches, which were televised. In the recent Live Event at London, Cesaro finally stacked up a victory to stay in the game. 

Cesaro is currently using a storyline back injury to make his comeback seem tenser. The finish of the untelevised match seemed to be quite hazy. However, luckily, WWE had captured the match and posted highlights of it on their YouTube channel. 

If history has taught us anything, it is that Cesaro will now proceed to win the next two bouts and even the tie. With two episodes of Raw left before Clash Of Champions, the feud could culminate at the Pay-Per-View itself. However, history has also shown that the heel generally walks out the victor in a Best-Of-Seven Series. In fact, even when Edge & Christian faced The Hardy Boyz in a Best-Of-Five series, The Hardy Boyz, who were the heels, ended up winning the feud. 

It would be nice for that tradition to be broken, and to have Cesaro go over instead. The win will definitely put him in contention for perhaps a United States Championship title shot. The timing would be apt since Rusev is expected to return by the end of the month. So, if Cesaro wins, he can start off a program with The Bulgarian Brute, who has been rebuilt since Extreme Rules. It is still unclear, however, as to when the remaining matches of the Best-Of-Seven series will be held.

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