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WWE News: Tyson Kidd removed from Total Divas by WWE

The former WWE Tag Team Champion reveals that WWE ensured he was dropped out of Total Divas.

Tyson Kidd was a recurring star at the hit reality show

When Tyson Kidd was asked why he wasn't on Total Divas season 6 by a fan on Twitter, he responded by saying that he won’t make a single appearance on the season. Here is Kidd's tweet regarding the issue:

A follower of Kidd noted that fans wanted to learn more about his situation, to which he replied:

Tyson Kidd has been out of action since June 1st, 2015, when he suffered a severe, life-threatening neck/nerve/spinal injury at the hands of Samoa Joe in the dark match. Something went wrong with Joe's muscle buster finisher, leading to his injury:

The injury that Kidd faced is one that is survived by only 5% of those afflicted. Even after surgery, many people develop quadriplegia. However, it was said that Tyson Kidd’s phenomenal physical condition is what kept him going.

What is interesting is that Tyson Kidd mentioned that they don’t want to feature the story of his injury and the aftermath of it. Why they chose to do that is not known. With Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella, they completely publicised their injuries and the emotional distress of them; and the emotional distress Bryan went through before and after his retirement.

Kidd’s injury falls along similar lines, so why they would choose to publicise the above-mentioned instances and not his, is something we can only speculate.

Tyson Kidd was an important recurring character in Total Divas. You can see one of his appearances here:

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