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WWE News: WWE removes content from the WWE Network

Riju Dasgupta
61.16K   //    01 Jan 2018, 12:30 IST

Unfortunately, there'll be far less Orton on the Network!
Unfortunately, there'll be far less Randy Orton on the WWE Network!

What's the story?

There's some bad news for WWE Network Subscribers, this month. It seems like more content was removed from the WWE Network recently. This includes three pretty interesting collections.

In case you didn't know...

The WWE Network has sadly seen some very interesting content get taken off, in the past. This includes both original content such as Legends with JBL, Bring it to the Table, and Unfiltered with Renee Young, as well as certain special 'Collections'.

In certain cases, the collections were removed due to a glitch and they all did make a comeback thereafter. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan's collections disappeared for a while, before they began to make a comeback.

It is unclear if this particular case is a technical error as well.

The heart of the matter

Three collections have been removed from the 'Collections' section of the Network. This includes 'Gravest Matches Ever', 'The Cruiserweight Anthology' and 'Randy Orton: Apex Predator' (Thanks to The Sportster for the heads up).

Unlike in the past, where a direct link would take you to the matches that have been removed, in this case, three of the matches are not available by the same method. These include matches from Shotgun Saturday Night, Velocity, as well as a rare Tiger Mask match.

So far, we do not know the reason for the removal of the same. While it could be a technical error, one suspects that it's probably due to the lack of popularity of the Collections.

WWE loves to regulate content on the Network, and this could be part of that process too.

What's next?

The WWE Network is ever changing, with content coming in and going out. So there will certainly be more collections taken out of the list, in the coming years. Let's hope WWE keeps replenishing the Network with brand new content too!


Author's take

I love the WWE Network. There's never a scarcity of content on the same, because of just how vast a resource it really is.

I won't miss these collections, really.

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