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WWE News : WWE Reportedly back in the scene for buying TNA.

Invasion Part 2?

Will WWE end up buying TNA?

Recently news broke out that WWE was one of the companies interested in purchasing TNA. But TNA would accept the offer only if “no other company wished to buy it”. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is back in the whole scene now.

He also noted that Dixie Carter has the right to sell off the company to whomever she pleases since the company’s ownership scene has been extremely messed up as of late.

TNA is running out of time and reports suggest that Billy Corgan has still not sign a deal to purchase the company. Corgan has until Friday to seal the deal and make the necessary decisions.

Meltzer also noted that WWE will be picking up only a handful amount of contracts if it buys TNA, since its main goal is to acquire the tape library consisting of the careers of former TNA stars who have recently joined WWE, namely, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Samao Joe, Austin Aries and Eric Young.

It would be interesting to see how this works out as WWE has never ever acknowledged TNA in a live segment and it would land as a shocker when they actually do all of a sudden.

Rumours have also been suggesting that Matt Hardy has been seriously “thinking over” the deal him and WWE reportedly spoke about. TNA stars landing in WWE would make many dream matches come true, including Broken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt. 

According to many sources, TNA and its championships shall be discontinued and the handpicked contracts will have to wrestle under WWE, until their contracts expire, if any deal is made.

This might be a huge opportunity for some TNA stars since they’ll have a chance to make their name known in the big one, whilst, it will not be that great of an experience for those stars who left WWE on bad terms and now wrestle under TNA.

However, if WWE introduces another invasion angle, it would be truly a historic moment as they’ll get a second chance to right their wrongs from the first Invasion angle. Sunday’s Bound for Glory might as well be the last Pay-per-view for TNA if Billy Corgan’s deal gets scrapped.

WWE’s primary interest as of now remains to be the tape library and accomplishments of the stars mentioned above as they have big pushes planned for almost all of them. An update on the whole situation might be given at this weekend latest. 

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