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WWE News: WWE responds to allegations Superstars can take human growth hormones

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon (Photo Credit: Muscle and Fitness)

What's the story?

There was some interesting news recently when Triple H's nutritionist, Dave Palumbo appeared on the Matt Riviera Show.

Palumbo said that WWE Superstars are allowed to use HGH and other "supplements". Now, WWE have responded with a statement on the matter to squash this issue as quickly as possible.

In case you didn't know...

WWE has a rather strict Wellness Policy in order to protect their entertainers and also deal with some of the public relations disasters which have stemmed from so many wrestlers causing undue harm to their bodies by abusing steroids and other PEDs.

The heart of the matter

When Dave Palumbo appeared on the Matt Riviera Show he probably didn't expect to reveal such a controversial subject. But he spoke quite frankly on the matter when he said:

““The good thing about wrestling is it’s not a professional sport per se it’s for entertainment so they’re allowed to take hormones [...] [Human growth hormones] are acceptable, you know? A lot of the wrestlers do [use horomones]. It’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

This seems to have opened a Pandora's box of sorts on the subject. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how part-timers like Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, The Rock, and Triple H aren't subject to the wellness policy so many people might believe HGH is a widely used substance. But Palumbo's comments might lead some to believe it's a generally accepted grey area which other full-time Superstars can utilise.

WWE responded to this situation and wanted to make it clear that the Wellness Policy does not allow the use of those substances. WWE said Palumbo must have misinterpreted the Wellness Policy. The only way a Superstar can obtain any of the substances in question is if an endocrinologist and WWE's medical personnel approves it for a "legitimate medical need."

What's next?

As time goes on we might have more of the curtain pulled away to expose some skeletons in WWE's closet in regards to this Wellness Policy situation. But for the time being, WWE has a socially responsible story and they're sticking to it.

Author's take

Let's hope WWE's Wellness Policy includes HGH as a banned substance because that substance along with a number of other performance-enhancing drugs can go on to do a lot of damage to someone over an extended period of time.


WWE is striving for a squeaky-clean image therefore if anything comes out of this situation it might just be Triple H looking for a new nutritionist.

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