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WWE News: WWE Superstars tell Santa what to get them for Christmas

Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks and other WWE superstars reveal what they are hoping to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning

WWE superstars forgot their rivalries this holiday season and joined in the Christmas spirit

WWE Superstars joined in on the Christmas spirit recently with a pop quiz on WWE.com. These WWE superstars were asked what they would want from Santa this year for Christmas and there were some surprising answers.

Nikki Bella wanted to be with boyfriend John Cena all the time. With Cena’s busy schedule, Nikki is often left alone and she asked Santa to grant her some time with Cena for Christmas.

United States Champion Roman Reigns also wished for some alone time with his wife. Reigns winked at the camera saying that he would love to be with his wife during this holiday season.

Former RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks put a damper on the Christmas spirit when she said that all she wanted was for Christmas to be over so that she would not have to listen to any more stupid Christmas music. Is this a small taste of an upcoming heel turn? Only time will tell.

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SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss on the other hand, seemed to be knee deep in Christmas celebrations and the only thing she wanted was an unlimited supply of Christmas cookies.

RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte professed her love for Ugg boots and asked Santa to gift her with a pair so that she could stroll around her apartment in her new boots.

Bayley was pretty detailed with her list for Santa as she asked for an old school record player, as well as vinyl records from famous bands such as Paramore, Pierce the Veil and Taking Back Sunday.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was asked Santa for the gift of good health and spirits this holiday season for his wife and children. Booker said that as long as his family was happy, his joy knew no bounds. The legendary superstar ended with a characteristic “Now can you dig that, Sucka?”

The team of ‘Beauty and the Man Beast’ too had some things they wanted from Santa. Slater asked Santa to gift all his children with whatever they wanted. He only wanted happiness for his family. Rhyno on the contrary just wanted some Cheese Whiz and crackers.

What do you think would be the best gift for your favourite WWE superstar? Let us know in the comments below.

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