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WWE News: WWE takes a jab at CM Punk's UFC loss at Backlash

Vince mocks Punk's loss at Backlash?

CM Punk reacts after loss to Mickey Gall
CM Punk lost to Mickey Gall in his MMA debut at UFC 203

UFC 203 saw the most awaited debut of CM Punk against Mickey Gall. By now, we all know how the fight went. It went horribly wrong for the debutant. To make it as descriptive as possible, this is how it went - Rush in - punch -miss – *gets taken down* – choke – *gets out *- choke- tap out. The fight lasted for 2 mins 14 seconds and Punk had his first taste of the cage.


The loss is just a day old as compared to his journey of close to 2 years but has received way more hype and response. The proverbial 'I told you so' is what the purists have been chanting since then. The heckling, taunting continues and this time WWE dips its finger too in the pool of jeering but just added some extra salt to it. Punk might have won over a lot of supporters in his post-match conference but for Vince, no grudge is a small grudge to not hold on to.


The extra flavoured mocking was seen at today's PPV, Backlash. Backlash was Smack Down's first PPV since the brand split. The main card featured Dolph Ziggler against The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.


And guess how the match began!?


Miz rushes in(just like Punk), gets taken down. Dolph showers him with punches(just how Gall pounced on Punk), the choke and Miz is seen gasping for air. He tries to get out and gets hold of the rope! The referee allows the choke to be released.



Quite anti-climatic to what we saw in the cage. Is this Vince's way of mocking Punk ? It sure is. It is his way of getting back at Punk even after his humiliating retirement that Punk faced after his outburst on RAW.


Punk did what many pro wrestlers are even scared to give a thought to. He did it for himself.


While many retired and current pro-wrestlers voiced their encouraging thoughts on twitter for Punk after his loss on twitter:





what Vince has done is detestable and loathsome and sure leaves a foul taste in the mouths of WWE fans who have rooted for Punk right since the time he stepped into the ring.


Stay strong, Punk.


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