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WWE News: WWE teasing the reveal of new character on RAW tonight

8.06K   //    23 Apr 2019, 05:27 IST

Are these creepy new vignettes a portend for a new superstar or the return of a sinister one from the past?
Are these creepy new vignettes a portend for a new superstar or the return of a sinister one from the past?

What's the story?

Right after WrestleMania 35 wrapped up, WWE began airing vignettes during programming of a bird-like skeleton emerging from a box with creepy laughter playing in the background.

They also added another one with several toys in creepy positions, concluding with a doll in a rocking chair staring at the camera. is reporting that these new vignettes will possibly lead to reveal that Bray Wyatt is the man behind them on tonight's episode of Raw.

In case you missed it . . .

Bray Wyatt has been missing from the WWE since last Summer after Matt Hardy got hurt. They had been the Raw Tag Team Champions as the Deleters of Worlds, but dropped the titles to the B-Team.

Since then, both men had been absent from WWE, but Hardy returned looking revitalized a few weeks ago to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles from the Usos along with his brother.

The heart of the matter

Since the Superstar Shake Up was set to follow 'Mania and help reshape the landscape, one way WWE decided to hype a new or returning Superstar was to air two separate vignettes on both Raw and SmackDown.

One vignette had a box in the middle of the screen that eventually opened up to reveal a skeleton of what appeared to be a bird. It was surrounded by creepy piano music, smoke and laughter throughout the airing.

A second vignette followed during the week of the shake up, highlighting several toys throughout a single camera pan, including a stuffed animal under the leg of a rocking chair and a creepy, soulless doll sitting in a separate chair.


Apparently, these were to hype the return of Bray Wyatt, albeit in the form of a new character. carried news of WWE itself teasing the arrival or reveal of a new Superstar on tonight's Raw.

What creepy force is infiltrating WWE? A laughing, coughing bird in a box. A cackling doll in a rocking chair. Since WrestleMania, the WWE Universe has borne witness to unsettling images that hint at impending malice. What is the meaning behind these messages?

Wyatt has also been absent from WWE as his current girlfriend, JoJo, is pregnant with their first child.

What's next?

Any return and/or push of Bray Wyatt would be a welcome sight to WWE. Since he's still going to have a creepy vibe to his character, he might once again return as a heel, but anything is possible. We'll have to tune in tonight to see if Wyatt returns.

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