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WWE News: WWE United States champion Roman Reigns says 30-day suspension for drugs bust saved his career

'The Roman Empire' has come back stronger. Believe that!

Roman Reigns captured the United States title from Rusev

After a couple of disappointing shows in pay per views following a 30 day suspension, it looks like the Roman Empire has been resurrected. Roman Reigns looked stronger than ever as he captured his maiden United States Title amidst a divided Indianapolis crowd at Clash of Champions.

Roman looked set for a lengthy title run when he was crowned the WWE Heavyweight Champion at this year’s WrestleMania. Despite heavy backlash from the fans, WWE creative pushed Roman to the moon and let him go over the likes of Triple H and AJ Styles.

But with the return of Seth Rollins, things took a turn for the worse for Roman. He looked weak on the mic against Seth, who is one of the better talkers in the current WWE roster. And more importantly, his Wellness Policy violation didn’t help his case either.

He lost the title to Seth at Money in the Bank, who then lost it to Dean Ambrose in a historic night where each Shield member held the title at one point of time. Following that he was suspended for 30 days but was still advertised for the WWE Battleground pay per view for the Shield triple threat.

There too, Reigns showed signs of ring rust and let the title slip through the hands of the red brand when Dean retained the title and took it with him to SmackDown Live. Since then, Roman has competed for the Universal Championship but has fallen short every time.

But all of that changed this past Sunday when he won his bout against Rusev and clinched the United States title. It was a typical Roman Reigns match, Slow at first and then kind of picking up pace towards the end.

Nonetheless, he is now the United States Champion and is going to rule the roster from the midcard.

Roman Reigns spoke to WWE.com in an exclusive interview and said that wining the championship has been a blessing after an emotional rollercoaster during the past six months.

He said that there have been some lows, referring to his suspension. But he pointed out that he had taken the time to rectify them and re-evaluate his strategy. He took the time off to look into his arsenal and feels that he has come back stronger. Roman said:

“Now I have a new direction, now I have a purpose, now I have a new responsibility and to be in that fraternity of the United States Championship, there is a lot of lineage and history in it.”

He made it clear that he worked hard and crawled his way back to the top of the mountain. He said that he was representing his family and himself. Roman made it clear that he was looking to build his legacy and the United States title was another feather on his hat.

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