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WWE News: X-Pac explains why Chyna never boxed Laila Ali

How would Chyna have done in a boxing match with Laila Ali?

X-Pac opens up on Chyna, and why she never stepped into the boxing ring with legend Laila Ali

What’s the story?

The late-great Chyna was one of the most iconic WWE Superstars of all time, and she made history by becoming the first female Intercontinental champion in the history of the WWE. While she was dominating the pro wrestling circuit, however, Chyna also participated in a few celebrity boxing matches.

One such match presented to her was a bout against female boxing legend Laila Ali, but according to former boyfriend X-Pac that was never a possibility.

In case you didn’t know...

Chyna participated in a celebrity boxing match before against Joey Buttafuoco in 2002, so it wouldn’t be her first time stepping inside the squared circle.

The heart of the matter:

Here’s what X-Pac had to say about why Chyna turned down the boxing match with Ali (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

"When Chyna was working for New Japan, [Antonio] Inoki was trying to set up a fight between her and Laila Ali, she [Chyna] was his protege. She was Inoki's protege... she had some grappling skills, but not like that. She knew that it wasn't a good idea. No, come on...Laila Ali was the best female boxer in the world, Joanie knew. She was like, 'no way, it ain't happening.' She was realistic about it."

What’s next?

X-Pac and Chyna split before her untimely death, as she was found dead in her apartment as a result of an overdose. Whether she will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame remains a controversial topic among the business.

Sportskeeda’s take:

Chyna would have defiantly got worked in a boxing match with Laila Ali, however, it would have been a true spectacle to witness.

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