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WWE News: Yoshi Tatsu speaks about Vince McMahon's influence on his career, terminating the Bullet Club and more

Tatsu wants to make his 'Hunter Club' world famous in the year 2017.

Yoshi Tatsu referred to Vince McMahon as a wrestling god

Sports Illustrated recently caught up with former WWE and current NJPW star Yoshi Tatsu and he told them about how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has impacted his career, his intention to get rid of the Bullet Club and the WWE performers he would want to include in his group, the Hunter Club.

Speaking about McMahon’s influence on him, Tatsu said that he is the one who taught him how to express himself inside the squared circle. He referred to the boss of the WWE as a wrestling god and claimed to have given his son the middle name ‘Vincent’ as a mark of respect to the man he admires so much.

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Here’s how Yoshi described McMahon’s contribution in his development:

“I once wrestled for WWE. My biggest influence was Vince McMahon. He taught me "how to show." That's hard to explain, but it deals with expressing emotion, feelings, anger, frustration and triumph in the ring. Presentation is very important in WWE. That is the biggest difference between the WWE style of wrestling and New Japan's strong style.

Vince McMahon made WWE a huge international company. He is a wrestling god. I also respect him as a businessman. When my son was born, I gave him Vincent as his middle name in honor of Vince McMahon.”

On which of the WWE wrestlers would be ideal for the Hunter Club that he has formed at NJPW, Tatsu named Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder as the likely ones. In particular, he praised ‘The Swiss Superman’ and revealed how he had sent him a positive message when he suffered a neck injury in 2014.

The 39-year old was quoted as saying this:

“There are men from WWE who would make good additions to the Hunter Club. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder all stand out to me as great wrestlers. Cesaro is a hard worker and honorable and respectful. When I broke my neck in 2014, he sent me a positive message. He is a very nice guy, and many WWE guys sent me messages of respect in one letter.”

Opening up about his goal in 2017, he said that he wanted to expand the Hunter Club and give it worldwide fame. Post that, he and his group would proceed to terminate the Bullet Club, who have been dominating New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Yoshi Tatsu said, “My goal for 2017 is not complicated. I’m going to make the Hunter Club bigger and more famous in the world, and then I will terminate the Bullet Club. If you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for you— Hunter Club!”

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