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WWE News: Young Bucks take a shot at WWE by releasing new t-shirt

Elliott Binks
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The Young Bucks are at it again with their latest t-shirt design

What’s the story?

The Young Bucks have released a new t-shirt design that may not sit well with WWE higher-ups.

The indie tag team’s new design seemingly makes light of WWE’s recently-issued cease and desist letter, whilst it also features censored images of the Bucks and their signature "Too Sweet" gesture.

Or rather, the nWo's "Too Sweet" gesture, depending on whose narrative you want to follow.

In case you didn’t know…

This past week, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that WWE had sent the Young Bucks a cease and desist letter, claiming intellectual property violations on multiple pieces of Young Bucks merchandise and threatening legal action.

The merchandise in question included the "Too Sweet Journey" DVD, "Too Sweet T-shirts," photos of the Bucks with the "Too Sweet symbol" as well as their "Too Sweet women’s leggings."

Going in depth

The new t-shirt design is already being featured on

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Not only that, but according to Matt Jackson’s Twitter post, the shirt was already the site’s number one seller with 40 minutes of being made available.

Next steps

Given how well its fared already, the Young Bucks’ new shirt is presumably going to keep on selling strong.


Which may well prove to be a good thing, because if they keep poking the bear like this then there’s always a chance WWE might pursue the matter further—and a legal battle with WWE would be incredibly costly, to say the least.

Author’s take

WWE may not see the funny side to the Young Bucks’ recent antics, but from an outside perspective, it’s difficult not to admire the pair’s entrepreneurial streak.

Here’s hoping there aren’t any further ramifications unless of course this whole ‘cease and desist’ malarkey is just part of another Being the Elite angle…

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