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WWE / NJPW News: Kenny Omega talks about what he wants to prove by preferring NJPW over the WWE

Omega says he is stupid enough to think that NJPW could take on WWE head-on and win.

Omega is a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

What’s the story?

In a recent Q& A session with fans for 4Front Wrestling, Kenny Omega revealed why he would want to stick with New Japan Pro Wrestling rather than sign up for the WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

Earlier this month, Kenny Omega had announced that he will step away from Japan in order to reassess his future thereby giving rise to speculations about him joining the WWE. There has been a lot of talk ever since that Omega is likely to make a Royal Rumble appearance with John Cena and the NJPW star himself dropping hints over social media.

However, on a number of occasions, the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion has also denied being part of the Rumble or signing a WWE contract, leaving everyone in doubt over what exactly he has in mind.

The heart of the matter

Talking about why he wants to stay at NJPW and not head to the WWE, he explained that he doesn’t think that his current promotion can challenge the world’s biggest pro-wrestling company. However, there is currently a widespread notion among fans, according to him, that the WWE is the only place to witness high-quality wrestling.

‘The Cleaner’ recalled his early days as a pro-wrestler when many fans preferred watching promotions like Pro Wrestling Noah, Ring of Honor and PWG among others over the WWE but at present, it is all about them. Omega, though, feels that with him leading the way and a talented pool of wrestlers joining with him, he can prove to the world that there is an option which can compete and also beat them.

This is what Kenny Omega had to say:

“Of course, I'm not stupid enough to think that we could take on WWE head-on and win because they're too big of a monster. But, I do believe that right now, people are thinking there is no option. If you want to watch [professional] wrestling, the only way to do it is to watch WWE. It's the only place to watch the top quality wrestling.”

He added:

“Back in the day, when I was getting into the business, you could watch Pro Wrestling Noah. You could watch Ring Of Honor Wrestling, and a lot of people would say, 'the best wrestling in the world is actually at Ring Of Honor'.

And then, there was a time period where, if you want to watch the best wrestling in the world, you have to watch PWG. Things were more divided, but now, as we enter 2017, it's becoming more and more, 'if you want to see the best guys, just watch WWE'. That's it.

And I think that as long as I'm in the forefront and I have what I believe are the most talented individuals around me and I mix with them, I show the world that there is an actual, legitimate option, that not only competes with WWE, but is actually better than anything they can do.”

What next?

Going by what Omega has said, it looks like he may be considering signing a new contract with NJPW at present. However, taking into account the fact that he has been saying a number of different things over the past few days, the possibility of Kenny Omega coming to the WWE in the near future cannot be ruled out.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Although it may be great for the WWE to be able to acquire the services of Kenny Omega, being unable to sign him will surely not affect their popularity as they arguably possess the most enviable roster in the pro-wrestling world.

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