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WWE NXT - where meaning and logic always prevail

Modified 12 Feb 2015, 15:38 IST

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All I can remember is Mick Foley’s tweet during the Steve Austin Podcast with Triple H. He tweeted that if NXT is Triple H’s baby then he’s one heck of a dad. And for another week, NXT is the best show WWE has put on. That trend is only going to continue. At NXT everything has a meaning and storylines thrive. It’s that little kingdom out there somewhere far and beyond which slowly but steadily widens its reach. This may sound cheesy or may sound delirious or may just sound plain awesome but NXT is like the Daenerys Targaryen of the WWE.

NXT is usually a one hour show, and it does so well storyline wise and character development wise in that limited amount of time. NXT Takeover Rival was a two hour show and it was still the best show of the year by far and this accomplishment will only be taken over by the next NXT Takeover.

THAT Entrance

As far as meanings go, look at Finn Balor’s entrance. It is not every week that the audience witnesses such a spectacle. This is only the second time the audience might have witnessed this entrance at NXT. The last one was as Takeover REvolution. This gives the entrance a special attraction status. This is an added value people get when they come for a major event such as Takeover or if this was a PPV or anything that comes once a month or every few months. And another meaning behind it which Neville clearly spelled out was the reason behind his long and dramatic entrance is to intimidate his opponent. This makes the entrance meaningful and worth waiting for. Balor’s theatrics only make it easier on the eyes of the viewer and the audience in the arena. The camera movement or the smoke in the arena all of them add up to the face-off between Balor and his opponent. There is so much effort put into it and that gives NXT more credibility than it already has.

Women Power

Then we have the womens‘ divison. The women there are not eye candies, they’re wrestlers. And their matches usually come before the main event. If this happened in the main roster, it usually gets done for filler purposes or to give audience the time to go use the toilet or buy popcorn or to regain their energy for the main event bout.

But on NXT the matches only gain in momentum and popularity chronologically.  A good match is succeeded by a better match to an even better match. The women still get a tremendous response despite being preceded by a great match. Sasha Banks victory was so memorable, just like Charlotte’s victory or Paige’s victory. And then the audience still has the energy for the main event for Kevin Owens to Take Over.

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The Booking

Then comes the booking. Kayfabe may surely be in its dying stages but to get the attention of the crowd and the desired rection from them is still a cardinal rule a difficult one to attain. But at NXT all of that happens. You know Finn Balor is going to win. He’s a fresh candidate for the championship, Neville is already the longest reigning NXT Champion and he’s a face. They’ve built Balor’s character in such a way that the audience just wanted him to win. Then one knows that Kevin Owens may just win but in NXT universe that’s no controversy, it’s a heel taking over and evil prevailing over good and that just works. That give Zayn more purpose and more popularity while Owens just thrives as one of the biggest heels not just in NXt but in the whole of WWE.

Published 12 Feb 2015, 15:29 IST
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