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NXT News: Former TNA World Champion makes NXT debut

Caps off a bevy of TNA alumni to sign for the WWE

Bobby Roode making his NXT Debut

In the same vein that has seen a handful of wrestlers from other promotions around the world sign for the WWE banner lately, Bobby Roode’s impending NXT bow has been teased for the last two Takeover events at which he was pictured.

And finally, at the Download Festival in England, Bobby Roode made his surprise debut, defeating Angelo Dawkins at the event, WrestlingInc reports.

After the Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Austin Aries and Eric Young, Bobby Roode follows up as yet another TNA alumnus to jump ship to the WWE in recent memory. 

His recruitment into NXT comes at a time when speculation is rife that WWE’s brand split will tap into NXT’s talent pool, and that the developmental brand will be looking to expand aggressively to compensate for the same.

With all the ins and outs in the rosters, it would seem that the “New Era” may actually materialise into something much more concrete than just a catchy tagline.

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