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WWE News: Kyle O'Reilly subdues invading fan at NXT Tampa

10.56K   //    30 Sep 2017, 15:48 IST

Kyke O'Reilly kicked a fan in the face at NXT Tampa
Kyle O'Reilly kicked a fan in the face at NXT Tampa

What's the story?

NXT's Kyle O'Reilly kicked a fan in the face at NXT Tampa when the fan ran into the ring during the course of a match. While no video has yet surfaced of the actual kick, a Twitter user posted a video of the aftermath.

In case you didn't know...

There have been numerous occasions in the past where fans have invaded a wrestling ring, and almost invariably it has never ended well for the fan.

In cases where the security is not able to reach the fan in time, the wrestlers take it upon themselves to punish the fan in question and legitimately beat them up.

The heart of the matter

At NXT Tampa, where Kyle O'Reilly teamed up with Adam Cole and Bobby Fish in a six-man tag team match, a fan chose to run into the ring.

Kyle O'Reilly did not hesitate and kicked the fan directly in the face before throwing him out of the ring. The dazed fan was then dragged and half carried away by security while O'Reilly and the others continued with the match. O'Reilly was clearly in a no-nonsense mood and did not let the fan last even a second in the ring.

Fans took the opportunity to go on Twitter to comment about the incident.

Unfortunately, no video of the incident has yet surfaced.


A similar incident happened where a fan invaded a Triple H and Stone Cold match, and "The Game" took matters into his own hands. The referee got some sharp kicks in as well.

Author's take

Fans running into wrestling rings is nothing new, but in this case, after the stiff kick to the head, fans with similar thoughts may stop and think twice before doing something like this.

It is unlikely, however, despite the fact that nothing good has ever come of a fan charging into the ring, these incidents still take place regularly.

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