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WWE/NXT News: Triple H reacts to Velveteen Dream's 'Call Me Up Vince' Tights

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Velveteen Dream threw his shirt at EC3 to start the fight
Velveteen Dream threw his shirt at EC3 to start the fight

What's the story?

Velveteen Dream faced off against EC3 at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 in the second match of the night. During the bout, Dream wore a pair of tights which had the words 'Call Me Up Vince' on his backside, which drew the humorous gaze of many fans.

During the NXT Takeover conference call, after the pay-per-view, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet asked Triple H his reaction to the tights and the message.

In case you didn't know...

Velveteen Dream has been a constant fixture in NXT. Being very young, he has already had several amazing matches which have seen his followers increase tremendously.

Dream faced Aleister Black previously, where despite losing he won the hearts of all the fans. His last feud against Ricochet saw him lose yet again, despite a great bout.

Velveteen Dream finally won a feud, at Takeover: Brooklyn 4, when he defeated EC3 to pick up the win.

The heart of the matter

Despite having won the match, it was the message on Dream's tights which caused a buzz among the fans.

When Triple H was asked about his thoughts regarding the message on Dream's tights, he revealed that he had not seen it until it came on the Hard Camera. He then went on to joke about it, saying that Dream had a friend who lost his phone. He said this after a long pause, as he took the time to collect his thoughts.

He then went on to say, in a more serious tone, that if Dream indeed did mean Vince McMahon, there were two types of phone calls that he could get from the Elder McMahon, one which he would like, and the other which he would not. He ended by saying that it was impossible to know which it would be.

What's next?

Velveteen Dream might not want to be called up by Vince McMahon if Triple H is to be believed. Given Mr McMahon's history of temperamental decisions, it might be best for Dream to avoid him at this point. 

What do you think of Triple H's response? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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