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WWE NXT Results 1st February 2017, Latest NXT winners, review and video highlights

Tyler Bate makes his NXT debut and more.

Tyler Bate made his NXT debut

NXT kicked-off with Tom Phillips who was flanked by Percy Watson and the outgoing Corey Graves. We were informed that WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate would be making his NXT debut in a match against Oney Lorcan. 

Ember Moon vs Aliyah

Ember Moon impressed once again

The Texas crowd was firmly behind their fellow Texan, Ember Moon, who hails from nearby Dallas. Aliyah started the match with an early pinning attempt but Moon soon took firm control of the match. She hit Aliyah with stiff kicks before hitting a beautiful double underhook suplex before locking in a painful looking abdominal stretch. 

Aliyah eventually managed to break out and hit a hip toss and followed it with a neckbreaker. Aliyah continued her momentum with a head scissors only for Ember Moon to hit back with a brutal clothesline. Ember made short work of Aliyah and followed the clothesline with an Eclipse (Twisting Stunner) before pinning her for the 3-count. Another impressive performance from Ember Moon.

Ember Moon def. Aliyah

Ember Moon’s win was followed by footage of Tye Dillinger’s match with Eric Young from TakeOver: San Antonio. Young spoke after the footage, saying that Dillinger had to be taken out for not joining SANITY. He added that Dillinger had had a choice but he had made the wrong one and that choices were coming for everybody. 

This was followed by footage of Tye Dillinger coming out at #10 during the Royal Rumble match which was followed by Tye Dillinger commenting about his appearance. 

This was followed by footage of the Fatal-4-Way NXT Women’s Championship match from TakeOver. This was followed by an interview with Asuka after the match. She said that even though the match was hard, the title was still in her grasp. When informed that Ember Moon wanted a title shot, Asuka replied, “She works here?”.

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