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WWE NXT Results (30th Nov, 2016): Latest NXT Winners, review & Video Highlights

NXT Champion and Women's Champion in non-title matches; Eric Young returns to compete in the ring.

Tye Dillinger took the NXT Champion to the absolute limit

After two weeks of video packages and highlights, we returned to power-packed, hard hitting NXT Television this week. Both the NXT champions, Samoa Joe and Asuka, were in action tonight, and we also got to see the maniacal cult leader, Eric Young, in a hard-hitting encounter against No Way Jose.

Let’s go straight to Ottawa, Ontario; and relive this amazing night.

Eric Young vs. No Way Jose

The numbers were too much for No Way Jose

If there was ever a more stark contrast in gimmicks than between No Way Jose and SAnitY, we cannot recall it. The fun loving No Way Jose danced his way to the ring and was soon confronted by the evil heel faction called SAnitY.

Their leader Eric Young returned to the NXT ring for the first time since his loss to Samoa Joe on NXT Television and was accompanied by his minions, who surrounded the ring. Jose took the offence to Young with a flurry of punches and chops, and even catapulted him out of the ring, heading into commercial.

Returning from commercial, we saw how the numbers were stacked against No Way, Jose! Sawyer and Wolfe would constantly hound him outside the ring when the referee was distracted. This would allow Young to deliver a devastating neck-breaker to the back of No Way Jose’s neck, as well as an unorthodox dragon sleeper.

As No Way Jose would mount a comeback, and wind up an arm for a KO shot, he would be overwhelmed by the other members of SAnitY, with the referee distracted. This would allow Young to deliver his finisher and pick up the win. 

Eric Young def. No Way Jose

We thought the carnage was over when Young picked up his victory, but Nikki Cross would run down the ramp to the ring and deliver a drop kick to poor No Way Jose.  After this match, we saw NXT announcing that next week, we would meet the newly crowned Tag Team Champions- #DIY and find out what's next for them.

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