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WWE NXT Results (August 14th, 2019): Breezango returns, Winner of the Breakout Tournament revealed

  • The Undisputed Era claim that they were cheated, the Breakout Tournament Finals take place, and Breezango battles the Forgotten Sons!
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Modified 15 Aug 2019, 07:19 IST
This was the moment that may earn the Undisputed Era another tag title match
This was the moment that may earn the Undisputed Era another tag title match

Another post-match TakeOver interview was shown when the Undisputed Era's Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish were running rampant backstage. The Era claimed that they weren't beaten at TakeOver, as O'Reilly was not the legal man. Since he was pinned, the match should be thrown out, and they should be given another opportunity at the titles.

Shayna Baszler was asked if anyone had ever pushed her to her limit as Mia Yim had. The Queen of Spades, clutching her NXT Women's Championship, left her with two simple words: "And still..."

The NXT Championship match was highlighted, with Johnny Gargano facing Adam Cole in a Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. Gargano gave Cole the first fall when he disqualified himself, but tied up the score at 1-1 when Cole tapped out in the Street Fight.

The final fall took place inside a barbed wire steel cage covered in various weapons. After a brutal war in the hellish structure, both men tossed each other off the top of the cage and through a table. Cole managed to put his arm over Gargano, retaining his title.

NXT Breakout Tournament Finals: Cameron Grimes vs Jordan Myles

Grimes jumped at Myles as the bell rang, attempting to wrestle him to the mat. Myles was trapped in a waist lock, but escaped and went after Grimes' arm with a wrist lock. Grimes overpowered him, though, and took him down to the mat with a headlock. Myles made it back to his feet but was taken down by a shoulder block. However, he responded with a dropkick, sending a running Grimes crashing into the mat.


Myles targeted Grimes' legs, kicking them out from under the North Carolina native. He followed Grimes outside, where the brawler leveled him with a leaping forearm on the floor. Back inside the ring, Grimes punished Myles in the corner with punches and chops. Myles attempted to shoot into Grimes and taking him down by his legs, but Grimes countered, sending him face-first into the second turnbuckle.

Grimes cut off Myles, who managed to escape another submission hold, sending him into the ropes and nearly decapitating him with a lariat. Myles eventually shook Grimes with a dragon screw leg whip. Back to their feet, Myles connected with several left jabs and a huge right hook. A basement dropkick took Grimes back to the outside.

Myles went to the apron and rocked Grimes with a penalty kick. On the inside, Grimes was surprised by a sky-high crossbody, but managed to kick out at two. Grimes countered a suplex attempt with an X-Plex, leading to a near-fall. Myles responded with a snap German suplex.

Grimes was sent into the ropes, but caught Myles coming off with an imploding powerslam. Myles managed to kick out again. The Double Stomp was avoided by Myles, who went after his opponent's leg. Myles played possum, stopping himself before getting slung into the bottom turnbuckle and rocking Grimes with a kick. A brainbuster and the 450 Splash eliminated Cameron Grimes.

Results: Jordan Myles defeated Cameron Grimes via pinfall.

Myles becomes the first-ever NXT Breakout Tournament Winner. Now, he'll get an opportunity to challenge for any NXT Championship of his choosing.

Published 15 Aug 2019, 07:19 IST
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